Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! I'm a graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and a General Business minor. I have many hobbies and interests including electronics, microcontrollers, photography, web development, programming, computer networking / assembly / deployment, working on my car / electric motorcycle / scooter, golfing, cooking and expanding my knowledge on all things computer and tech related.

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Barefoot International & Fly High Mfg.


Barefoot International & Fly High Wake Boarding Mfg. offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing.

While at work for Barefoot International & Fly High Mfg., I single-handedly converted their static website to deliver dynamic content using PHP and MySQL. Along with this conversion, I added Administrator, Dealer and Represintative Portals to the website for easy access to needed information by each party. While doing all of this, I did two basic site redesigns to give the viewers a cleaner browsing experience. I also created several informative documents for customers, dealers, and other office personal. I personally recommended that the office get UPS backup battery solutions on their main office computers and servers, and upon recieving them I was in charge of installing and configuring them. I played a major role in chosing a new hosting company, and when switching hosting companies, ensuring the website was down for as minimal a period as possible.

Toyota Tercel

I purchased my Tercel a few years ago with only 42k miles; this car will hopefully last a long...long time. Thanks to learning very advanced driving techniques from Wayne Gerdes of CleanMPG.com and Bradlee and Justin Fons of the "Milwaukee Hybrid Group", I've been able to get 68.3MPG out of my car; that is, 724 miles over 10.4 gallons. Because it takes a large amount of concentration to obtain these numbers, I adjust the way I drive according to gas prices; I can maintain 40+MPG through out the year which is ok with me. My current lifetime gas mileage is currently around 43MPG; I log all my fill-ups at Fuelly.com. Some of the small modifications I've done to help with gas mileage are as follows:

  • Front Grill Block (Upper and Lower)
  • Air Intake repositioned toward the Exhaust
  • 400W Block Heater & Timer Outlet
  • Side Mirror Removal (Both Unintentional)
  • MPGuino, Tachometer, and Vacuum Gauge

I've also upgraded the entire sound system myself for significantly improved sound quality.

Tercel Sites:

My Fuelly
Toyota Nation Tercel Forums

Honda Elite SA50P

The goal of my scooter was to get a vehicle I could use to get to work and school that would get equivalent if not better gas mileage then my car, all while having fun and not having to try to get good gas mileage. My current lifetime gas mileage is currently around 74MPG and is tracked at Fuelly.com. I also wasn't pleased when I saw that the top speed was 25MPH, so I'm in progress of changing that. So far I've done the following:

  • Unrestricted
  • ASN 9:1 Rear Secondary Gear Swap
  • OKO Upgraded Variator and Ramp Plate
  • OEM Upjet from #78 -> #82
  • Ruima Variator Roller Tuning Kit
  • Pirelli SL-26 Front and Rear Tires
  • Trail Tech Vapor Digital Gauge w/ Custom Mount

I've currently pulled the scooter off the road as it needs a new top end; until I can find one for a resonable price - or decide I want to go all out - I've decided to not ride it to prevent any damage or wear.

Honda Elite Sites:

My Fuelly
Honda Spree Forums

Electric Motorcycle

After going to a local EV car group, I was inspired to create my own. One of the members said that they had a motorcycle frame they'd be willing to give to me for my first conversion. It was a 1983 Yamaha Venture 1200cc that is currently being converted into an electric motorcycle. The frame has been stretched to accommodate the batteries and the battery trays and motor mount were fabricated from scrap pieces of metal. An aluminum plate holds the fuse, shunt, and Open ReVolt motor controller (seen below); a 200V 1000A industrial switch is used as the main contactor. The premise of the project is to create an EV at the minimal cost; most parts are recycled or scrap parts from junked industrial machinery.

EV Motorcycle Sites:


Open ReVolt DC Motor Controller

After experiencing failure with 2 used DC motor controllers, my friend Ben Nelson mentioned I should consider the Open ReVolt. The Open ReVolt Motor Controller is an open source PWM-type DC motor controller. The controller was designed by Paul and Sabrina who were kind enough to send me a big box of electrical components for me to assemble. The parts were for a 700 Amp version of their 500 Amp controller; this upgrade in amperage is enough to power a small pickup truck, let alone my motorcycle. Assembling this motor controller was my first large soldering project, and thanks to my friend Tom G, I succeeded without any problems.

Quad Battery Monitor

These battery monitors were designed to measure the voltage of up to 4 batteries and are able to have their power input/output daisy chained together. My friend Tom G designed these units from the ground up; I merely helped him assemble several of them. This was my first encounter with surface mount parts, teaching me the process and patience needed when working with these types of components.

Hard Drive Tear Down

The purpose of this was to extract the very powerful magnets (not seen in picture) found inside hard drives. I also came out with some pretty cool parts; especially the platters, which are incredibly reflective. I've always loved tearing things apart to learn and understand how their internals worked; this was yet another opportunity for me. Because of tearing a few old hard drives apart, I now know and understand even more about hard drives then before. Plus, who doesn't love magnets?

Computer Builds

I've built two computers for myself from the ground up, and assembled many more. The first computer I built (in 2005) was used mainly for gaming and school work, as well as a basic web server for local development and testing. The second computer I built (in 2008) is still in use as my main workstation. I use it for school, work, development, and a workstation for virtual machines.

First Computer's Components
  • AMD 64-bit 3000 (Socket 939)
  • 1GB of Dual Channel DDR RAM
  • 2x 300GB Maxtor IDE Hard Drives
  • AGP Video Card
  • 500W Mad Dog SurePower Power Supply
  • Antec SUPER LANBOY Case

Second Computer's Components
  • Intel Core2Quad 64-bit (Socket 775)
  • 8GB of Dual Channel DDR2 RAM
  • 1x 128GB Samsung 830 SSD SATA Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA 9800GT OC Video Card
  • 1000W Thermaltake Toughpower Power Supply
  • Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Case

I also own two laptops - a Lenovo T520 laptop, and a Google CR-48 (a limited release prototype of their Chromebook series) - and several other older computers; I use them for various servers and hardware firewalls.

Google Chrome Extensions

I have built three publicly available extensions for Google Chrome:

The first two were created to automatically log the user into their accounts at both UWM and RIT. This was originally made for UWM, then a second created for RIT because a good friend liked it so much, that when they went to Grad School at RIT, they asked I make a version for RIT...done!

The third one was made to help automate my browsing of the site Instructables; I hated manually typing "?ALLSTPES" at the end of each Instructable I opened from my email, so I wrote this script to automate the process for me!


LinkedIn Corporation

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 2015-present

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service mainly used for professional networking.

Site Reliability Engineer


    Cerner Corporation

    Kansas City, MO - 2013-2015

    Cerner Corporation is a global supplier of health care IT solutions including software, services and hardware.

    System Engineer

    • Build and configure servers including RAID configuration, operating system installation, package installation and NIC bonding.
    • Stage devices including PDA scanners, Thin Clients, Connectivity Engines, RoomLinks and myStation set top boxes.
    • Create Google Chrome extension to improve team workflow by visual alerts, reducing duplicate data entry, and automatic generation of multiple emails for an improved and consistent workflow.
    • Designed and implemented a imaging network with VMWare ESXi used to PXE boot CloneZilla in order to image hundreds of devices from a master image created from CloneZilla.

    Astronautics Corporation of America

    Milwaukee, WI - 2012-2013

    Astronautics Corporation of America ia a global leader in the design, development, manufacture, and integration of state-of-the-art equipment, electronics, and systems for air, space, land, and sea applications.

    Systems Engineering Intern

    • Worked on a state-of-the-art Network Server System for Airbus' A400M Military Aircraft.
    • Lead a small group of 3 engineers in the dry-running procedures for the Installation Service team.
    • Performed dry-runs on test procedures prior to formal verificatino campaign on the Systems team.
    • Executed formal verification and testing staying ahead of schedule resulting in a successful, on-time delivery.

    Barefoot International & Fly High Mfg.

    Milwaukee, WI - 2009-2015

    Barefoot International & Fly High Mfg. offers consumers a line of superior products developed through careful research and testing.

    Computer Systems Administrator

    • Developed and executed network infastructure upgrade resulting in cleaner network cabling and minimal downtime.
    • Planned and implemented web presence with dynamic content featuring access portals for backend management.
    • Effectively enriched dealer retention while altering 33% of dealers to higher pricing tiers thus reducing loss of revenue.
    • Created, managed and updated catalogs, price sheets, product photos, descriptions and documentation.
    • Deployed UPS backups to computers and mission-critical servers; computer cleaning, maintenance, and updating.


    Microsoft Student Partner

    • Served as the exclusive on-campus representative for Microsoft.
    • Performed product demonstrations and build brand awareness for Microsoft on-campus and in the local community.
    • Enhanced students' employability and increase students' awareness of Microsoft technologies.
    • Planned events, demonstrate some of the latest Microsoft technology to students and partner with student organizations.

    Freelance Web Programmer

    Milwaukee, WI - 2005-2015

    Movie Collection Site

    • Self-initiated project to develop new web programming languages and styles
    • A personal site and database for movie organization and rating allowing recommendations to be sent to others

    NFL Pool

    • NFL Pool is a website for a medium sized group of individuals who are involved in weekly NFL picks
    • Focused on multi-user, weekly team submissions, and an easily read printout of weekly winners and current point standings

    Arlen Capital Documents

    • Web site for clients and customers for Arlen Capital to retrieve documents and media online
    • Worked on a document submission page written in PHP that uploaded a file to the server and stored information in a MySQL database

    Kio Logs

    • A backend management and report center of log files for numerous kiosk Internet machines.
    • Designed a log filtering and pruning script to take unorganized logs from several remote kiosk computers and produce manageable multi-field pages for users to quickly view logs

    Skills & Technologies

    • Familiarity with EDA Tools such as EAGLE PCB, T-Tech IsoPro, and LTSpice.
    • Requirements Tracking tools such as IBM DOORS and Merant Tracker.
    • Basic Understanding of CAD concepts using tools such as AutoCAD and SketchUp.
    • Familiarity with Windows; Systems administration in Linux; Basic knowledge of Mac OSX and ChromeOS.
    • Familiarty with OOP concepts in C/C++, Java, and Python.
    • Experience in interactive web development using various languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP as well as backend database integration with MySQL


    University Wisconsin - Milwaukee

    Milwaukee, WI

    Double Major

    • B.S. in Computer Engineering
    • B.S. in Computer Science

    Minor in Business

    President of IEEE at UW-Milwaukee

    Nicolet High School

    Glendale, WI

    Golf Team

    Computer Programming

    AP Computer Science

    AP Computer Science Teacher's Aide

    If you're interested in anything you see on the webpage, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, and feedback.

    The best way to get a hold of me is via email(using the form above).